Why only deliver firewood in Wales?

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Sometimes we get asked why we only deliver our British firewood products around Wales, specifically around South Wales. We thought we would take some time to answer this question in some detail. It comes down to customer service. We want to make sure not only do we offer the highest quality firewood products we can, but that our customer service is equally as high.

We deliver the firewood ourselves

All our products including our firewood and log stores are all prepared by us on our farm then delivered to our customers each week by us. To make this as efficient as possible, we needed to have a delivery area that we could cover each week to get as many deliveries as possible whilst being as economical as we could. It makes sense for us to deliver firewood to Cardiff because we have many customers there that we can deliver to at the same time.

So by producing the firewood and delivering (and sometimes stacking) ourselves, we’re able to control the entire process and make sure you, our customers get an excellent service every time.

This doesn’t mean in the future we won’t expand and increase our delivery area or even use another company to deliver further away, although, we would have to make sure we found the right one.