Is there a best time to buy firewood?

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Recently, a customer reached out to us to find out if there was a best time of the year to purchase firewood, well, that depends on what type of firewood you’re buying.

If you’re buying Kiln Dried firewood, then no, you can buy this type of firewood from us anytime of the year as it is ready for immediate burning, however, if you’re purchasing part-seasoned firewood you will most likely want to dry these for 2-3 months before burning them, and since we’re in Wales, the best time of year to dry out your firewood may be during the summer, unless you have enough space to dry your firewood indoors.

The quality of the burn you will get from any firewood depends on the moisture content: the less moisture in the firewood, the better the burn. Our kiln dried firewood has a low moisture content making it perfect for those looking to burn it straight away, however our part-seasoned firewood has a higher moisture content so to get the best burn from this wood our customers typically need to dry it out themselves a little, which can be tricky here in Wales with all the rain, unless of course you have a log store to keep it dry or somewhere else you can keep it out of the rain.

So yes, there is a ‘best time of year’ to purchase firewood and that is typically around summer if you’re purchasing our part-seasoned firewood and you’re willing to dry it out first, but if you’re buying our Kiln Dried firewood, then anytime of the year is perfect as it’s always ready to burn!

September 2018 Update: just a quick update to say that at the moment we are not currently selling any part-seasoned firewood.