How locally sourced firewood is the best option

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Recently, one of our customers asked us why choosing a firewood supplier who is local (for this customer, local meant close enough to Swansea), and only provides locally sourced British firewood is better than elsewhere, so we thought we would place our answer on our blog for all our customers to read.

We, Just Wood, are based in South Wales, providing firewood to our local customers in South Wales & Mid Wales. All our firewood is from the U.K, often from within Wales. This means that the firewood has traveled as little as possible to our farm, which means it uses less fuel which is better for the environment, firewood that’s delivered from overseas would require a lot more fuel to reach us.

As we only provide firewood that is sourced locally, our customers can always guarantee the same quality firewood, time and time again.

Delivering firewood in the most economical way around Wales

All our deliveries are scheduled for Friday & Saturday, each week we take that weeks orders and put them together to deliver them as efficiently as possible, this means if we have several deliveries going out to Cardiff on Friday morning, they will all go out together, saving as much fuel as possible. This is only possible due to the fact that we personally deliver the firewood to our customers ourselves, we don’t rely on a third party delivery service.

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We source our firewood as close to Wales as possible, then we deliver around South Wales as economically as we can.

When selecting a firewood supplier, it’s always important to ask them where they source their firewood.

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