A log store showing firewood being looked after

How to store & keep your firewood logs dry

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Purchasing large amounts of firewood at once is a great way to save on costs as all of our firewood including kiln dried and hardwood is cheaper the more you buy. However, storing firewood can be difficult. Continue reading

Fire burning in the cozy fireplace

A look at the benefits of Firewood

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With more and more people looking to make their home more environmental friendly, lots of people are now starting to see the benefits of using renewable energy to heat their homes. Continue reading

We now offer RHI Compliant firewood

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We’re pleased to say we are now able to offer RHI Compliant firewood to our customers. If you’re wondering what RHI is, here is an introduction taken from the RHI website: The Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI is a Government … Continue reading

On the job – March 2016

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Welcome to the March edition of On the job, a series of blogs taking you behind the scenes to see us working on the family farm as we produce our seasoned firewood, our Kiln Dried firewood and work on other … Continue reading

On the job – November 2015

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Welcome to the November edition of On the job – things are getting very busy at the moment on the farm and with Just Wood – orders are coming in all the time! We’ve got some photos to show you … Continue reading