What is seasoned firewood?

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We often get asked by first time buyers of firewood – what exactly is seasoned firewood? So we thought we would answer on our blog for all our customers, and potential customers to see.

All our firewood logs have gone through a process known as ‘seasoning’, essentially this is the process in which we reduce the moisture content of the firewood logs for optimal burning.

Why does it matter if firewood is seasoned or not?

For several reasons, the most important is the quality of the burn. When firewood has been seasoned – the moisture content has been reduced – usually to below 20%. This makes the firewood easier to light & burn. It also makes it burn cleaner and produce more heat, providing as much value as possible.

Seasoned firewood also lasts much longer, and is much easier to look after. Bugs & dirt are no more and you are left with a clean log – suitable then for keep in the home next to your fireplace.

Along with our seasoned logs, we also sell part-seasoned firewood logs, these are slightly cheaper than our seasoned logs but come with a higher moisture content, so are suitable for those who have more storage space and can wait 2-3 months before you need to use them.

Check out our seasoned logs here. Don’t forget all our firewood is delivered free around Wales.