Here are some of our more frequently asked questions, we hope our answers help.

Wooden Log Stores

How should I store my firewood?

In order to get the best out of your firewood, please read our guide here.  If you’re looking for somewhere to store your firewood why not take a look at our log store.


Will you deliver outside your delivery area?

If you are outside our delivery area, and would like to see if we can deliver to you please get in touch and we can arrange the most economical way of delivery. Get in touch online or call 01874 730329.

Can I rearrange delivery for a later date?

Yes, if you would rather us deliver your order at a later date, please get in touch and we can sort something out.

When will I know you’re delivering?

Typically, deliveries are made weekly on either the Friday or Saturday and orders should be placed before 5pm on the Wednesday, and most of the time we are able to deliver orders that week. We will give you a call on the Thursday with the time and day the delivery will be made.

Do you offer a firewood stacking service?

Yes, we offer a firewood stacking service to customers that we directly deliver to throughout Wales, this stacking service is £10 per order.


What are the benefits of using woodfuel?

Wood fuel is an environmentally clean, green and cost effective way of heating your house. Wood fuel is often described as biomass. Biomass includes all organic material utilised as a fuel and converted to heat energy. This ‘bio-energy’ is a renewable energy source. The carbon dioxide released on burning is balanced by the carbon dioxide absorbed by growing biomass crops. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil upset the carbon balance in our atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels adds additional carbon dioxide that has been out of the carbon cycle for many thousands of years. To reduce your carbon footprint, choose wood fuel as an environmental friendly and sustainable source of heat energy.

When selecting my woodfuel, should I choose hardwood or softwood?

Traditionally hardwood, such as oak, sycamore and ash have been considered better for burning than softwoods such as larch, spruce and Douglas fir. This is because hardwood is denser. Therefore an identical sized hardwood log actually contains more carbon, produces more heat and burns for longer than its softwood alternative. The truth is both are good fuels. You will need a greater volume of softwood logs to get the same energy, because of the lower calorific value per volume, but they are generally cheaper. If you have room to store more logs and you don’t mind refilling your stove a little more often then softwood could be for you.

Wet or dry wood?

Moisture content is the most important wood fuel quality factor. A heavier log will not necessarily give more heat as half the weight of green logs can be water. Wood needs to be dried, or seasoned, before burning. Just Wood accelerates the drying process by placing our wood in kilns. This speeds the process of drying wood and guarantees your wood will have a moisture content below 25%. The more water in the wood, the less heat for your house. The heat released from your fire will have to evaporate the water, which in turn cools down the burning process. This is heat that should be used to heat your home rather than create inefficient steam. Burning wet wood with a moisture content of more than 25% creates corrosive smoke and tar that can damage flue linings and cause chimney fires. Dry wood produces little smoke, low tar deposits, and high efficiency heat output, especially when burnt in a modern appliance able to efficiently burn combustion gases.

When is the best time to buy firewood?

All our kiln dried and seasoned logs have a moisture content below 25% so you buy these logs ready to burn. For efficient wood fuel burning Wood fuel Wales recommend you buy your logs at a moisture content below 25%. So it does not matter what time of year you buy our kiln dried and seasoned logs. However, if you buy our part-seasoned logs you will have to store them yourselves for 2 to 3 months before you burn them. We would recommend stocking up early to ensure you have enough logs to keep you through the cold winter months.

Should I buy in volume or in weight?

Always try to buy in volume rather than weight because volume does not take into account moisture content and so will allow you to make a more accurate assessment of just how much wood you are buying.

What happens if I burn wet wood?

Burning wet wood with a moisture content more than 25% creates corrosive smoke and tar that can damage flue linings and cause chimney fires. Dry wood produces little smoke, low tar deposits and high efficiency heat output.

Are your products RHI Compliant?

Yes. All our firewood products are RHI Compliant and we can provide a certificate should you need one.


Am I able to pay with cash on delivery?

Yes, during the checkout process you are able to select payment via cash on delivery.  We will take payment from you on delivery then.

That’s all! We’re sorry if we haven’t answered your question, if you like you can always get in touch to ask any questions you may have.