Wet or dry wood?

Moisture content is the most important wood fuel quality factor. A heavier log will not necessarily give more heat as half the weight of green logs can be water. Wood needs to be dried, or seasoned, before burning. Just Wood accelerates the drying process by placing our wood in kilns. This speeds the process of drying wood and guarantees your wood will have a moisture content below 25%. The more water in the wood, the less heat for your house. The heat released from your fire will have to evaporate the water, which in turn cools down the burning process. This is heat that should be used to heat your home rather than create inefficient steam. Burning wet wood with a moisture content of more than 25% creates corrosive smoke and tar that can damage flue linings and cause chimney fires. Dry wood produces little smoke, low tar deposits, and high efficiency heat output, especially when burnt in a modern appliance able to efficiently burn combustion gases.

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