Seasoned Hardwood Logs burningSeasoned Hardwood Logs burning

Seasoned Hardwood Logs (Bulk bag)


Our 100% British Seasoned Hardwood logs are a fantastic choice for those looking to heat up their home, with an average moisture content of 20% and an average log length of 24cm, our Seasoned Hardwood logs are ready to use.


Additional Information
Bulk Bag1m x 1m x 1m
Moisture Content25%
Average Log Length24cm

All our hardwood seasoned logs are naturally air dried to an average moisture content of 25%. All our seasoned logs are bought ready to burn. The wood is sourced from sustainable woodland and the logs are cut to an average length of 24cm, but are also available in longer lengths on request. Please call our members of staff on 01874 730329 or Jeff Evans 07779730847  or email

All trade inquiries are welcome, please contact us.

Logs have been loose filled into a bulk bag. 1m³ loose filled hardwood is approximately 0.7m³ stacked. The bag has a tied top cover and so is shower proof for delivery to protect the logs. Logs should be removed from the bag and stored in a cool, dry and airy place.