About Just Wood, a family business providing firewood in Wales

Just Wood is a family company based in Llangynidr, South Wales. Since 2011, we've been producing the best seasoned and kiln dried firewood at a competitive price throughout South Wales.

Just Wood is working with Woodfuel Wales to become HETAS registered. HETAS registered means we follow the regulations of the SBAS Scheme. This will ensure we produce the best wood for burning. We are also working with Woodfuel Wales to promote and encourage people to choose wood as a fuel as it is a renewable source of heat energy. All the firewood that we produce is also RHI Compliant.

All our wood comes from local estates which have a sustainable management plan for their woodlands. We use a local supplier because we believe in supporting local, sustainable businesses within our community. Using a local supplier also helps the environment as it reduces the energy needed for transport as the product has a shorter distance to travel. Just Wood recommends hardwood as a fuel as we believe this produces the best type of heat due to its density. A hardwood log contains more carbon than an identical sized softwood log, therefore creating greater heat for longer.

Our company promises:

  • To ensure we source our wood from a local sustainable business
  • To ensure our customers buy not only a good quality log but a consistent quality logOwner of Just Wood preparing firewood in Wales
  • To ensure all our customers are happy with our product. Feed back is welcome.

We are a member of Woodfuel Wales. Woodfuel Wales are supporting and helping us to become HETAS registered. HETAS registered means we follow the regulations of the SBAS Scheme. HETAS is the official body recognised by the government to approve solid biomass, wood or solid mineral fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services.  This means Just Wood follows regulations to ensure all our seasoned wood has a moisture content of 25% and our kiln dried logs have a moisture content of 20% and our wood comes from sustainable woodland businesses. Woodfuel Wales is a member organisation representing wood fuel sector businesses in Wales and the Marches. Their mission is to

“promote the efficient supply and use of wood fuel as a clean, low carbon and sustainable source of heat.”

As a company we frequently measure and record moisture content and the size of our firewood which ensures we supply not only a good quality log but a consistent supply of quality logs.